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Technical postal and physical addresses of the research group consortium organizer, Peter Csermely
Postal address
Semmelweis University,
Department of Molecular Biology
P.O. Box 2
H-1428 Hungary
Courier (street) address
Semmelweis University,
Department of Molecular Biology
Tűzoltó str. 37-47.
H-1094 Budapest IX., Hungary
Google map of the Tűzoltó str. 47 location
How can you reach the consortium organizer?
The laboratory is at the Department of Molecular Biology (in Hungarian: "Orvosi Vegytani, Molekuláris Biológiai és Pathobiokémiai Intézet") of the Semmelweis University (in Hungarian: "Semmelweis Egyetem") at Budapest IX., Tűzoltó str. 37-47. The Tűzoltó str. location is a new building at the intersection of the Tűzoltó Str. and Thaly Kálmán str. close to the „Klinikák” of the blue metro line. (See maps below.) The lab is located at the ground floor of Section D of the building. This Section is on the right from the main entrance. The main lab is room 0.101, the room of Peter Csermely is at the 2nd floor, Section C, room 2.123.


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