News concerning the Turbine network perturbation toolkit

Turbine launched as a spin-off company

2015. 11. 10.

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With the support of the Innovation Centre of the Semmelweis University, we are proud to present the new version of Turbine, now capable of much more than just simulations, as an SaaS product offering for researchers.
We have moved the primary site of Turbine to: to reflect these changes.
We will start a pilot program for researchers in the first weeks of 2016, stay tuned.

Intellectual property protection support grant

2015. 01. 22.

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Turbine Kft. has successfully applied for the Hungarian grant named "Magyar szellemi alkotások hazai és külföldi iparjogvédelmének támogatása (IPARJOG_12)". The full press statement (in Hungarian) is available here

New version in preparation

2014. 04. 02.

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We are preparing a new major release, which will greatly expand on the current capabilites of the toolkit. A web-based demo of the new version will be made available by the end of April. Since the new version significantly differs from the version previously published here, we unfortunately have to discontinue support for the previous versions of Turbine. The program will still be available attached to the Supplementary Information of the introducing article for reproducibility of the published research.

The introductory paper of Turbine has been published

2013. 10. 21.

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The paper introducing the Turbine toolkit and describing a new measure obtained using the vessels model of Turbine: perturbation centrality has been published in PLoS ONE. You can download the paper and the supplementary files from the Publications page.

Release 1.4

2013. 05. 08.

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Release 1.4 is out! The Windows versions are already available, the Mac and Linux files are coming later. Changes include a redesign of the viewer, a package manager for installing plugins, support for OS X, and many smaller improvements.

UPDATE: The Mac and Linux versions are delayed a bit, sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, I have added the MinGW libraries to the Windows installer, so it runs out of the box even on a fresh Windows install.

Site overhaul

2013. 04. 29.

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The site is undergoing reconstruction in preparation for the 1.4 release, so different parts may be offline in the next few days. This process unfortunately invalidates previous download links, so please regenerate your previous download link by accepting the license agreement again. Thank you for your understanding.

Turbine v1.1 Release Candidate

2012. 05. 12.

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A new version for Turbine is available. The changes include:

  • More visualization options
  • Igraph support for Turbine tools
  • Support for column-based data
  • New plugins
  • and a lot of smaller bug fixes and improvements...

The v1.1RC version of Turbine is downloadable here.

Turbine in Science Signaling

2011. 04. 05.

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The Turbine network perturbation toolkit was featured in the May 2011 issue of Science Signaling.

  • Farkas, I.J., Korcsmáros, T., Kovács, I.A., Mihalik, Á., Palotai, R., Simkó, G.I., Szalay, K.Z., Szalay-Bekő, M., Vellai, T., Wang, S. and Csermely, P. (2011) Network-based tools in the identification of novel drug-targets. Science Signaling 4, pt3. Download the paper! PDF format
    Download the slideshow!

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