Changes in ModuLand program package version 1.3

With version 1.3 of the ModuLand program package several optimizations were introduced, resulting in an increased performance (lower memory footprint and quicker runtime). As a part of this the output data file format was also changed to require less storage space. Due to this change the new output data files can not be opened with the earlier ModuLand program versions. However, all the changes are backward compatible, so the 1.3 ModuLand version handles all output data files created by the earlier versions. The main changes of version 1.3 are listed below:

  • sparse matrix structure in the binary cxb and cxp output data files (resulting in smaller files)
  • the GradientHill method described on page 37 of the supplement of the original manuscript is implemented
  • all the programs are linked statically, so no additional libraries are required to run the ModuLand programs
  • parallel running is supported for the PerturLand method
  • many of the programs require less memory and/or less runtime.

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