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  • 2003-2010: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Department of Informatics (download Master's Thesis)
  • 1999-2003: Lovassy László Secondary Grammar School (Veszprém, Hungary)

Working experiences:

Professional skills

  • Programming languages: Java, C, C++, Android, Python, PHP, SQL, OpenGL
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows
  • Technologies: Java Virtual Machine, JADE (java agent development framework), Relational Databases, graph clustering methods, bioinformatical databases and analysis, NetBeans Platform
  • Other skills: basic project management, Agile experience, innovation management

Language skills

  • English: intermediate level of general language (exam in 2003)
  • German: basic conversational skills
  • Hungarian: native language

Organizational experiences and social activities


  • 2012: Finalist place in the global corporate innovation competition organized in Ericsson (Development Unit Core and IMS)
  • 2009: Finalist place in the global corporate innovation competition organized in Ericsson (Business Unit Multimedia)
  • 2009: Scientific Student's Association Report - István Kovács, Robin Palotai, Máté Szalay: Novel methods for overlapping clustering of vertices of graphs, with biochemical, sociological and telecommunication applications. (National level - Second prize)
  • 2007: Scientific Student’s Association Report – Robin Palotai, Máté Szalay and István Kovács: Novel methods for overlapping clustering of vertices of graphs, with biochemical, sociological and telecommunication applications. (BUTE - First prize)
  • 2003: Golden medal at the 52nd Eureka World Exhibition on Innovation, Research and New Technologies
  • 2002: Junior Bolyai Prize (with Robin Palotai)

Patents and research activity

  • 2011    Korcsmaros T, Szalay-Beko M, Palotai R, Szuromi G, Dunai Zs, Fazekas D - Patent Application P1100368
  • 2010    Szalay-Beko M, Stanojevic O, Farkas L - Ericsson patent filled in the USA
  • 2006    Kovács IA, Szalay-Beko M, Csermely P, Korcsmáros T. - Patent application, PCT/IB2007/05047
  • 2004-   Member of the LinkGroup research group of the Department of Medical Chemistry, Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary). Working in the field of network clustering methods and evolutionary game theory.

Highlighted publications

  1. Szalay-Beko, M., Palotai, R., Szappanos, B., Kovács, I.A., Papp, B. and Csermely, P. (2012) ModuLand plug-in for Cytoscape: determination of hierarchical layers of overlapping network modules and community centrality. Bioinformatics 2012; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bts352;
    Download it! PDF format
    The Cytoscape plug-in program and its User Guide can be downloaded from here:
  2. Kovacs, I.A., Palotai, R., Szalay, M.S. and Csermely, P. (2010) Community landscapes: a novel, integrative approach for the determination of overlapping network modules. PLoS ONE 7, e12528, IF: 4.4 Download it! PDF format Supporting web-site with all downloadable algorithms:
    Featured in the February 2011 issue of Science Signaling
  3. Wang, S., Szalay, M.S., Zhang, C. and Csermely, P. (2008) Learning and innovative elements of strategy update rules expand cooperative network topologies. PLoS One 3, e1917, Visit it at!
    Download it! PDF format

Other publications

  1. Farkas, I.J., Korcsmaros, T., Kovacs, I.A., Mihalik, A., Palotai, R., Simko, G.I., Szalay, K.Z., Szalay-Beko, M., Vellai, T., Wang, S. and Csermely, P. (2011) Network-based tools in the identification of novel drug-targets. Science Signaling 4, pt3. IF: 6.120 Download the paper! PDF format
    Download the slideshow!
  2. Korcsmaros, T. Szalay, M.S., Rovo, P., Palotai, R., Fazekas, D., Lenti, K., Farkas, I.J. Csermely, P. and Vellai, T. (2011) Signalogs: orthology-based identification of novel signaling pathway components in three metazoans. PLoS ONE 8, e19240, IF: 4,4 Download it! PDF format
  3. Tamás Korcsmaros; Illes J. Farkas; Mate S. Szalay; Petra Rovo; David Fazekas; Zoltan Spiro; Csaba Bode; Katalin Lenti; Tibor Vellai; Peter Csermely (2010) Uniformly curated signaling pathways reveal tissue-specific cross-talks and support drug target discovery. Bioinformatics 26, 2042-2050, IF: 4,9; Download it! PDF format
    Supplementary material PDF format
  4. Csermely, P., Korcsmaros, T., Kovacs, I.A., Szalay M.S. and Soti, C. (2008) Systems biology of molecular chaperone networks. In: The biology of extracellular molecular chaperones. Novartis Foundation Symposium Series Vol. 291, Wiley, pp. 45-58. Download it! PDF format
  5. Palotai, R. Szalay, M.S. and Csermely, P. (2008) Chaperones as integrators of cellular networks: changes of cellular integrity in stress and diseases. IUBMB Life 60, 10-18,, IF: 2.3 Download it! PDF format
    Visit it at!
  6. Szalay, M.S., Kovacs, I.A., Korcsmaros, T., Bode. C. and Csermely, P. (2007) Stress-induced rearrangements of cellular networks: consequences for protection and drug design. FEBS Lett. 581, 3675-3680,, IF: 3.4 Download it! PDF format
  7. Bode. C., Kovacs, I.A., Szalay, M.S., Palotai, R. Korcsmaros, T., and Csermely, P. (2007) Network analysis of protein dynamics. FEBS Lett. 581, 2776-2782,, IF: 3.4 Download it! PDF format
  8. Korcsmaros, T., Szalay, M.S., Bode. C., Kovacs, I.A., and Csermely, P. (2007) How to design multi-target drugs: Target-search options in cellular networks. Expert Op. Drug Discov. 2, 1-10, Download it! PDF format
  9. Korcsmaros, T., Kovacs, I.A., Szalay, M.S. and Csermely, P. (2007) Molecular chaperones: the modular evolution of cellular networks. J. Biosci. 32, 441-446,, IF: 1.0 Download it! PDF format
  10. Kovacs, I.A., Szalay, M.S. and Csermely, P. (2005) Water and molecular chaperones act as weak links of protein folding networks: energy landscape and punctuated equilibrium changes point towards a game theory of proteins. FEBS Letters, 579, 2254-2260 IF: 3.5 Download it! PDF format
    Visit it at!
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Posters and Conferences

  • Palotai R., Wang S., Zhang C., Szalay, M.S., Csermely P. (2007) Learning and Innovation Expand Cooperative Network Topologies; Poster, Third Yamada Symposium, Japan
  • Palotai R., Kovacs, I.A., Szalay, M.S., Csermely P. (2007) ModuLand, A Powerful and Extensive Family of Methods to Uncover The Overlapping Modules and Hierarchy of Complex Networks; Poster, Third Yamada Symposium, Japan
  • Csermely P., Kovacs, I.A., Szalay, M.S. (2007) Modular structure, learning and innovation of networks; International Workshop on Complex Systems and Networks, Sovata, Romania
Máté Szalay
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